Planning to Rehome a Pet?

Pet ownership is a huge commitment and responsibility, and may not always mesh with the realities of everyday life. While rehoming may sometimes be the only option, we strongly urge you to consider alternatives first. Statistics show that the vast majority of animals surrendered to — and euthanized in — shelters are given up because of training issues, a bad fit with your family, major life changes, or other such challenges. It is critical to understand that, very often, THESE CAN BE FIXED without subjecting your pet to the trauma of being removed from its home. Please take a moment to read through these common reasons for pet surrender or re-homing, and carefully assess whether re-homing is the right answer for your pet.


Moving is a huge challenge, even under the best of conditions. A pet adds one additional challenge, especially if you’re moving far away. Many well-meaning owners give up their pets before a move so that the animal won’t have to deal with the rigors of the move. If you’re flying or have to use commercial shippers, you may be concerned about the expense or other hazards. While this is often well-intentioned, please take a moment to consider the implications to your pet. The mental impact of removing a pet from its family often far outweighs that of moving it to a new home. For the vast majority of animals, only a short adjustment time may be needed after a move before they feel right at home. As long as you’re there, with all the people and scents your pet is used to, it will be fine.

Landlord doesn’t allow pets

Obviously, landlord requirements should always be known and considered before getting a pet. However, some landlords will change their minds for a number of reasons. First, know your rights as a renter. You may not be able to do anything about the landlord’s decision legally, but some situations may afford you some rights in keeping your pet.


Not enough time, or too many pets

Can’t afford the pet, or unanticipated veterinary needs

New baby, or other new dependent family member

Divorce or other personal problems

Behavioral issues

Aggression toward other pets or family members


Don’t have the appropriate facilities

3 thoughts on “Planning to Rehome a Pet?

  1. I NEED HELP Finding A HomE for A Cocker Spaniel/Poodle. He Will Be 6 Years Old On Christmas Day=) His Name Is Mojo And He Is All Black With White Beard And Neck. He Is Very Loyal And Protective, Just not Good With Kids=/ We’ve Had Him Since He Was Newborn=( Please Help??? ThanksForYourTime…

  2. hi my name is jess and I am currently fostering a rotti mix that was badley abused and badley starved I don’t have the room for him at the moment as I am fostering another dog as well. I need to find him a home or no kill shelter asap. if you could please call me at 307-281-0420 asap I would really appreciate it I have no where for him to go and he needs attention and good care. thank you for time have a great day

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