‘Tis the season for…cats! Lots and lots of cats

There’s No Place Like Home has a desperate need for anything for cats. A number of abandoned cats were in danger of being trapped or shot, or freezing to death in this severe winter weather. Thankfully, they were brought into the rescue before anything bad happened to them. They’re now safe and warm, enjoying regular meals and excellent care.

Now we need your help. These cats need food, litter and litter boxes on an ongoing basis until new homes are found. Shots, spaying and neutering must come before re-homing. If you have any items that you can donate toward their care, such items are greatly needed and appreciated. If you can make a cash donation toward their vet care, it would enable us to get them adoption-ready that much faster so we can help even more homeless animals. Can you help us? Please go to the Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/474303312622989/) and check out the most current pressing needs and/or make a donation.

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