This is the home page for There’s No Place Like Home No Kill Animal Rescue, operating out of Gillette, Wyoming. Right now both the site and the rescue are under construction, so please bear with us as we get things going. Our goal is to make sure that no animal in the town of Gillette is euthanized simply because it doesn’t have a home. If we are able to achieve this goal, we will expand our scope to the surrounding county and other areas where unwanted, homeless pets need help. We strive to reach our goal through educating potential or current pet owners, promoting spaying and neutering, and offering a temporary home to the animals that need it most.

We need your help! Given the current state of animal overpopulation in this town, we know that we have a lofty goal. With your help, we can achieve it. No matter who you are, you can help save animals from death and put them in loving forever homes. As we build this site, we’ll let you know about opportunities to volunteer, donate, foster, adopt and promote to help these pets find homes. Over time, this site will also become an educational resource for those who wish to add a new pet to their homes, as well as those who feel there’s no alternative but to find a new home for their pet. Please share this site, and consider offering your much-needed help to this rescue.

Don’t want to wait to see how you can help? Visit us on Facebook and join all of the friends of There’s No Place Like Home.

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    • My apologies for the delay, Cheryl — the comment log got overwhelmed by spam and took me forever to sort through them :). Right now, probably the best way to get a hold of the rescue is through the Facebook page (I linked it on the front page). Betsy Nowack (I hope I got her last name right) runs the rescue, and I’m sure she’d love to discuss their current needs. I know any help is greatly appreciated, they still have a lot of construction work to do on the cat room and repairs needed for the kennels, as well as anything that can help for a large group of abandoned cats they just brought in.

  1. I am leaving a message for a friend of mine her name is Sandy Kelly her phone #’s are home 682-7553 cell 689-4273- she has a Spur Thigh Tortoise, some horses and goats that she is needing to find a home for. She does not have internet anymore and would appreciate a call if you could help her place these animals.
    Thank You

  2. Hello,

    I am writing to you to find out more about, “There’s No Place Like Home No Kill Animal Rescue.”
    What kind of donations are needed to help out?

    Thank you,

    Nancy Farnum

    • My apologies for the severely delayed answer, Nancy, I’ve been slow getting the site geared around here :). Obviously, cash, foster homes, and volunteers who would like to socialize animals are always an ongoing need. Other than that, I know they’re really needing cat items at the moment, as well as totes and buckets with tight-fitting lids for storing food, treats, litter and so on. For anyone who has a local number or free long distance, they also had a request for someone who can help call area businesses looking for buckets and other necessities. You can talk to Betsy or Everett (who run the rescue) directly on the Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/groups/474303312622989/, they’ll let you know about any other pressing needs. Thanks!

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